Your Salary Packaging

For those people who have the option to salary package, this is a way in which you can restructure your income so that you buy using your pre-tax rather than your after tax salary and thereby enjoy great savings. Salary Packaging is an effective way of reducing the tax on your salary through a combination of both income and benefits.

Salary Packaging allows the deduction of some of your Pre Tax Income to use for the payment of benefits. Through the reduction of your Pre Tax Income, you can reduce the amount of income tax you pay which increases the amount of money you take home from each pay cheque.

Your own personal circumstances will determine whether Salary Packaging will work for you. Certain tax implications can make some Benefit Items unattractive for some.  You First will determine whether Salary Packaging will work in your situation, tell you what you can package, which package is suitable and help you implement and manage the process.