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Your CarNeed finance to help you purchase a new vehicle? Talk to You First first. We will help dispel the myths of the ‘so called’ cheap rates of interest that are being offered by dealers and the pitfalls involved.

Let us help you keep your costs to a minimum and set up a novated lease or salary package a vehicle if beneficial.

There are several novated lease options available to meet your individual needs such as a Self-maintained lease or Fully Maintained lease. Options are frequently offered to you to by-pass a financial advisor when setting up your novated lease or salary packaging, but it is important to make sure you get advice as you will pay commissions irrespective of whether you get proper independent advice or not. Make sure that you get advice on the structure of your finance. It might be affected by many factors such as whether you have a mortgage, how long you are you going to be in your job as well as other factors. Also do you need 'Gap cover'? Are you paying for 'Gap cover' already? Who is your employer, public or private? If you don't understand the impacts of these issues and don't want to spend hours deciphering the Product Disclosure Statements, let us help you.

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