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To achieve your goals in life, you first need to know what they are, and secondly, you need to go there in your mind.

Picture of old man thinking
Old Man Thinking Again

Most of us struggle with actually knowing what we want to achieve in life, but it is easier than you think. If given a list of the things you would like to do, it is easy to tick them off and say – “those are the things I would like to do!” Go there is your mind. The reason you are not a millionaire is not that you don’t have the money – it is all about the mindset. The next thing is how to do those things that are now on your list. Building wealth, managing your money and assets and ensuring that your assets create income are some of the key ingredients. We all need help with our money and guidance on the most effective strategies to make our money work for us. This is where we come into it. If you are frustrated with the complexities of all the various aspects that affect achieving your aspirations and future security, we will help you. It is important to get good advice. We are focused on strategies that will help you to achieve your aspirations.

You First is all about making you the centre of your Universe and making money matters just a tool in your life. You First’ seeks to be ‘your trusted companion’ in your life’s journey. We will assist you to define your life objectives, create a strategy and choose those tactics to help you to achieve your aspirations.

We understand that when you go to get financial and planning advice, that it is best to see one person who is able to provide holistic, strategically integrated advice across a range of disciplines. This is the reason we provide a unique ‘one stop desk’ approach. No visits to other advisers, no more having to relay your situation multiple times. It also means that whilst you may be considering one area such as finance, we look at this strategically and ask those questions which look at other areas which may be impacted both now and in the future. However, whilst we seek to provide a holistic service, we also cater for many of those ‘one off’ financial decisions you will need to make during that trip of a lifetime.

We look to build a long term relationship with you. You First’ is built on a foundation of Trust, Integrity, Honesty and Knowledge. Our policy is to become your confidant who works side by side with you to achieve your dreams. We do not try to sell you products. We first investigate and assess your situation and goals and then give you advice which is designed to fit into your ambitions.

Whilst our journey with you happens, you will be accumulating investment assets which will help to provide you with the required lifestyle and income you will need once you retire.

You First Financial Solutions has no ownership links with any of the financial institutions which control the majority of the advice market. You First is privately owned and is therefore free of any vested interest and the pressures associated with such liaisons.