About Us

If you are frustrated with the complexities of all the various aspects that affect achieving your aspirations and future security, look no further than chatting to Cecil, the man behind the “One Stop Desk TM” at You First Financial Solutions.

We have a specialist focus on professionals, their businesses and families, and work closely with many medical professionals.

We understand and will research the the finer points involved with tax minimisation, risk and finance.

You First Financial solutions provides integrated, ‘all-round’ advice as well as Insurance, Investment and Finance services for professionals. We will provide specialist guidance for doctors and their families for strategic wealth creation and management. As you approach each stepping stone of your life, we will work collaboratively and proactively with you.

We seek to be ‘your trusted companions on life’s journey’ to support both you and your family into the future. We deliver a holistic service which addresses all of your needs throughout the various stages of your life’s journey. This helps to ensure that you maximise the benefits at each stage so that you are effective and efficient with your wealth creation. This is central to positioning your wealth to achieve your lifestyle objectives.

Your stepping stones in life start once you qualify and include:

your first good car
getting married
buying your first home
having children
educating your children

paying off the home

This journey happens and all the while it is important to be accumulating investment assets to provide you with the required lifestyle and income you will need once you retire.

With our professional “One Stop Desk”, You First Financial solutions is the ideal choice for professionals, specialists, registrars, general practitioners, businesses and medical practices.

We provide a fee for service approach to financial planning, superannuation and investments, as well as risk cover.

We are proud of our offer, breaking from the traditional ‘product sell’ and ‘would you like fries with that approach’. We ask the right questions.

You First Financial Solutions has no ownership links with any of the financial institutions which control the majority of the advice market. You First is privately owned and is therefore free of any vested interest and the pressures associated with such liaisons.